Strung Identity

When we began to craft the visual identity of Strung, we knew we wanted something that would compliment the strong visual language of the technology. Thread by thread the upper material is tuned to create only what is necessary, and we took the same approach to the ID.

From adidas:
As a business, we’re constantly striving for optimum footwear performance. To achieve this, we need to get the most out of our materials. We like to talk about our products “silently serving” the athlete—seamlessly improving performance and, in this case, getting more out of every thread so they can focus on nothing but their sport.

This is why we developed STRUNG, an industry-first textile and creation process that allows us to input athlete data into the precision placement of each thread in any direction we choose. We can build and test different structures in the software before sending our chosen design to the STRUNG robot, which places each thread into a single composite with specific performance zones and properties. The result is a lightweight upper that’s precisely fitted for support, flex, and breathability—all within one piece of material.

Team:  Ed Baigrie, Chris Erickson, Damien Webb